Summer Activities to Plan Around Your Car

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When you’re trying to beat the summer heat, it can be difficult to come up with ideas for where to go and what to do. With that in mind, we’ve put together a couple of ideas and activities that you can do with your car to help pass the time!

  1. Drive-In Theatre: While they might not be as plentiful as they once were, if you have a chance to go to a drive-in theater we highly suggest it. Most of these theaters show recent releases at a fraction of the cost of bigger chain movie theaters, and some theaters will have classic movie screenings on less popular days at a reduced cost. The best part is you already know you are bringing a clean and comfortable seat!


  1. Picnic at A Scenic Location: Planning a picnic at a scenic location is a great way to get the most out of your vehicle and your day. Try to make sure the food you pack won’t be adversely affected by sitting in a car for long periods of time and that you have the necessary equipment to fully enjoy your outdoor experience i.e. blanket, hand sanitizer, bug repellent, and sunscreen.


  1. Camping: Camping is definitely is one of those activities that becomes easier when you have a vehicle. The weight of the equipment and supplies you need can add up when going on foot to setup camp, so being able to bring it in your vehicle makes the difference. There is also a chance you will encounter less than forgiving weather conditions and will be happy you can wait it out in a nice, dry vehicle.


  1. Magnetic Board Games: Chances are some of your favorite board games have a magnetic board version made specifically for situations lacking a stable table. Magnetic board games also allow for the people in the passenger seat to play against an opponent in the back seat without much risk for pieces getting out of place.


  1. Drive Through Zoos: Drive through zoos are a great activity for people of all ages. Most locations will have some sort of feed that helps entice the animals to come up to your car, which can lead to some great photo opportunities. The best part is these animals are used to random vehicles feeding them so they animals are usually looking for you as much as you are looking for them!


  1. Watching The Stars: This one is a bit easier if your vehicle has a sunroof or a truck bed, but few things beat laying back and enjoying a beautiful night sky. We recommend a location with a higher elevation but even if you’re just sitting in your driveway the view will be great.


  1. Driving On Backroads: Taking a detour to explore less congested and less traveled roads while on your way to your destination can be a peaceful and scenic experience. Try a new route to get where you are going, you never know what you might find.


  1. I-Spy: I-Spy might be one of the best car games ever. Given the ever-changing scenery and the chance you can miss what the current Spy eyed, I-Spy in the car makes for an exciting version of the classic game.


  1. Take Photos to Document Your Trip: This activity relates to the old saying “Life is a journey, not a destination”. Regardless of where a road takes you, there is bound to be something of interest along the way there. These photos will be a great way to remember the trip you took, whether you traveled across the country or just needed something quick at the grocery store.


  1. Listen to a Podcast or an Audiobook: Driving is a great time to enjoy some audio entertainment. There are tons of audiobooks and podcasts for people of all ages and a range of topics covered. It can certainly make certain drives feel less long and you might even learn something.


  1. Visit A Roadside Attraction: The name says it all. Roadside attractions are a staple of travel culture and there is no shortage of them around the country. From the UFO Welcome Center in Bowman, SC to the Official Center of the World in Felicity, CA you are never far from some sort of roadside attraction.


  1. 20 Questions: 20 Questions is a great game regardless of where you are but it definitely holds a special place in our hearts as far as things to do while traveling. The game is great at keeping your mind off of how many mile markers you have left while allowing everyone a friendly competition. Another great thing about this game is that you can play with teams or 1v1 so no matter the size of your travel group everyone can play!


  1. Talk to Each Other: This one might seem like a no-brainer, but in this day and age almost everyone has access to some sort of distraction. Sometimes we forget to enjoy each other’s time and company. Long trips with friends or family members can lead to great bonding experiences and lead to a better time overall.


Thank you for taking the time to stop by to read our blog! If you have any ideas or activities you would like to share feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to us at


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