Tips for Preventing Rust Damage

September 10th, 2020 by

It’s never too early to learn how to guard your vehicle against rust damage. In this week’s blog, we will be looking at a couple of things you can do to prevent rust and tackle future issues that might arise.

Keep an Eye on the Weather – Making sure you know what the weather might bring your way on a day-to-day basis is incredibly important when trying to avoid rust. If you think there is a chance of rain or other hazardous conditions, make sure your vehicle is protected in a car cover or inside a weather-proof structure.

Check Common Rust Areas – Every vehicle has certain weak points when it comes to rust build-up. Some of the common areas are wheel wells, antennas, the side mirror connection point, and the undercarriage of the vehicle. Make sure you are aware of your vehicle’s specific weak points and try to check them on a semi-weekly basis to ensure there is no rust building up. One of the main things to look for when trying to prevent rusting is bubbles in the paint. This usually happens when a certain amount of moisture making its way under the paint. At that point, you will need to begin removing the affected area and refinishing.

Park Carefully – Keeping your car away from areas where it could be easily splashed by other vehicles or scratched by falling debris will help keep your paint job and undercarriage rust free. Try to keep your vehicle parked on a paved surface to help prevent extra moisture from reacting with the exterior.

Wash and Wax Regularly – Maintaining a wash and wax schedule is one of the most important things you can do to help avoid rust. We suggest scheduling a wash every two weeks if you can. Wait any longer than that and you are leaving your vehicle’s protective coat and undercarriage exposed to long periods of things like dust, dirt, and other corrosive and harmful materials. That being said, washing your vehicle won’t prevent new rust from forming. It is at this point where waxing comes into play. Wax will help keep your paint from fading and will add an extra layer of protection from certain rust-causing elements. If you are looking for a car wash near the Montgomery County area that can handle effectively washing most vehicles feel free to visit the Motor Mile Car Wash. We have a wash package for any level of car care and different membership plans to make sure your car is looking good year-round.

Apply Rust Inhibitors – Most vehicles come with a factory strength anti-rust application. While this is effective for a time, it does wear off as your car becomes exposed to the elements. There are a lot of different rust proofing sprays you can purchase from any auto part store. A more recent development is the electric rust inhibitor. This applies a light electric current throughout the metal sections of your car. This interrupts the connection between metal and oxygen which helps prevent rust from forming. This method is more expensive and not necessarily foolproof so most people rely on a scheduled application of a rust proofing spray.

Remove Standing Water & Check Your Drains – Water is one of the biggest reasons you will see rust start to form. Make sure to dry off any pockets of water that build up regularly. There are also drain holes on most current models of cars to help with water build-up. Unfortunately, these holes can become clogged with debris. This blockage can lead to water build up in and around the frame of your vehicle. Areas that usually have drain holes consist of the trunk, the sunroof, doors, and hoods.

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