Preparing Your Vehicle for Pollen

April 24th, 2020 by

Pollen is in the air, and along with seasonal allergies comes cars coated in an all familiar blanket of yellow-green dust that can damage the exterior and interior of your car. In this week’s blog, we will be covering some simple steps you can take to help reduce the damage your car can receive from pollen.


One of the things that makes pollen such a danger to the exterior of your car is the high levels of acidity. If left on your car for a long period of time, pollen can lead to multiple expensive cosmetic issues. It can stain the exterior, erode the clear coat, start oxidizing the paint, and eventually lead to rusting. If left to build up, pollen can also affect your windshield visibility and create one heck of a mess, especially if your wipers aren’t in the best condition. Spring showers might seem like an easy fix to these exterior issues but water will activate the acidic spores in pollen. Luckily cleaning the car’s exterior with some soapy water and drying it with a micro-fiber towel should take care of most issues pollen creates


Pollen can also damage the engine and cabin space of your car. Most pollen should get caught by the air filter, but, if there is an abundance of pollen it can obstruct the airflow and affect the engine’s performance. A similar thing can happen if your cabin air filter hasn’t been changed recently. Pollen can collect in the cracks and crevasses of the interior and become near impossible to completely clean-out. For those of you who have allergies or people in your life with allergies, you should look into when the last time your filters were changed.


The most important thing to keep in mind with pollen is preventative maintenance. Taking actions before pollen season begins is the best way to keep your car in pristine condition. Luckily Shelor Motor Mile is here to help. Our car wash is equipped to handle the nastiest pollen around with multiple washes and monthly wash packages to fit the needs of many car owners. Our service department is also running a limited-time special on both cabin and air filters to make sure your car is ready for the next wave of pollen.


We hope you have found this installment of our blog enjoyable and informative. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below or contact us at

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