Ford Continues to Impress at This Year’s SEMA Show

November 2nd, 2017 by

Ford Impresses

Did Ford win any Awards at SEMA 2017?

Recently, the popular and highly anticipated Specialty Equipment Market Association show this year. At SEMA, car manufacturers from all around the world show off some of their newest vehicles and projects, as many of the stand-outs receive awards for their impressive design or performance. When it comes to the Ford Motor Company, did Ford win any awards at SEMA 2017?

Which Ford Vehicles Were at SEMA?

Ford had more than 50 of their vehicles on display at this year’s SEMA show, which included a wide variety of custom-built vehicles at the Ford display. Ford also continued its tradition of having the largest presence at the show of any auto manufacturer, and this year marks the seventh year of the Ford Out Front performance demonstration track. This track is one of the leading attractions to Ford’s show in 2017.

At SEMA, the Ford Focus and F-Series were the ones to make the most noise at the show, as the models won the Hottest Hatch and Hottest Truck awards respectively. In fact, the Ford Focus has taken home this award for the second consecutive year, making it the third time the nameplate has been awarded at SEMA. The popular F-Series truck continues its award-winning success, winning the Hottest Truck award for the seventh time in the eight years that the award has been around.

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The Ford Motor Company has had a lot of success at the SEMA show over the years, as the manufacturer has been winning awards at a faster pace than any other competitor. In fact, Ford has won 15 out of the total 33 Hottest Vehicle awards given away at the SEMA show since they were introduced in 2010.

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