Connect Your Phone to Your Ford Vehicle with These Easy Steps

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Connect Your Phone to Your Ford Vehicle

How to Pair Your Phone with Ford SYNC

Available in many Ford vehicles, the manufacturer’s SYNC technology has helped revolutionize infotainment systems. Now onto Ford SYNC 3 technology, SYNC allows for easy navigation features, hands-free phone calls, access to your favorite music and much more. The technology also lets passengers connect their smartphones to the system. Read on to learn how to pair your phone with Ford SYNC in just a few steps.

Connecting to Ford SYNC

  • Make sure the vehicle is running and in park, and that your phone and the radio are on.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth function on your phone and press the phone button on the infotainment display to access the phone menu.
  • When you see “Add Bluetooth Device” press the “OK” button and then select “SYNC” on your phone when it pops up under the Bluetooth connection settings.
  • If done correctly, your phone will say that it is connected to SYNC, and the SYNC technology will start talking.

However, sometimes this way won’t work. If that is the case for you, you might have to try a method known as reverse pairing.

Reverse Pairing with Ford SYNC

  • Repeat the same steps right until after you select “Add Bluetooth Device.”
  • After pushing “OK” scroll down on the infotainment system to find “Special PIN,” then press “OK.”
  • With the same Bluetooth settings screen up on your phone, take the PIN located on the infotainment display and enter that number into your phone.

Ford helps make it simple to pair your phone with Ford SYNC. However, if you come across any kind of issues or trouble getting it to connect properly, be sure to contact us at Shelor Motor Mile. You can also learn more tips and tricks by following our blog.

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