Select Plus

Why Select Plus? Because it is all about YOU!

With Select Plus YOU can buy a great vehicle that meets all your needs now, and enjoy the option to upgrade to a newer vehicle later.

  • YOU will not be denied credit because of a poor credit score or financial "bumps in the road" you may have encountered in the past.
  • With Select Plus, YOU own the vehicle.
  • Our fantastic upgrade program means YOU can enjoy the vehicle you buy today while looking forward to the vehicle you can buy in the future.
  • Excellent service protection means YOU do not have to worry about being without coverage for major mechanical issues.
  • Top-Notch customer service does not end at the time of the sale but lasts for the duration of your loan. The finance company will be there to help you every step of the way. This means YOU will not just be happy with your vehicle but also with the management of your account.

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